Lifetime Warranty

We offer a life time warranty on New Glass.

SHOWER GLASS – by reducing soap scum, body fat accumulation and hard water scaling, Vitroglaze will also reduce the frequency and difficulty of cleaning your screen.

BALUSTRADES & EXTERIOR WINDOWS – Due to the lack of contaminates that are usually present in a shower, we have found that the general rain is enough to wash airborne contaminants from the exterior surfaces.  If anything remains sticking to the glass, usually a soft brush or cloth is enough to remove and rinse again.  Dry with a towel for a great shine.


5 Year Warranty

Applies to applications on old glass, new tiles, ceramic and other surfaces.

Because Vitroglaze is a permanent treatment, it will last well beyond the 5 year warranty period. Our tests show that after 15 years Vitroglaze is still 82% effective.

We stand behind our coatings, and will do our best to maintain customer satisfaction and faith in our product beyond
the 5 year warranty term.

Please check with the your Vitroglaze coating applicator for Warranty Terms.