Properties of  Vitroglaze

  • UV-A Stability
    No macroscopial change of appearance upon accelerated 2000 h exposition
    (irradiation at 300 – 425 nm).
  • Thermal Stablility
    Excellent performance up to 300ºC over extended periods.
  • Chemical Resistance
    No degradation upon interaction with strong acids and alkaline environment.
  • Optical Appearance
    Invisible nanocoat glass protection, homogenous, nano-scale film thickness.

Beneficial Effects on the Surface

  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobicity
    Easy to clean surfaces, stick prevention, anti-graffiti coatings, super repellency (wetting angles up to 150).
  • Drastically Reduced Bacterial Growth
    Antifouling properties, antithrombotic effect.
  • Efficiency
    ~ optimum concentration in various applications.
    ~ formation of nm-scale films.
    ~ low penetration into dense porous materials:
    (marble 0.2-2mm, grout 0.2-3mm, granite 0.2-2mm)
  • Lime scale prevention

Super Repellency

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Vitroglaze Bonding

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