Lifetime Warranty

We offer a life time warranty on New Glass.

SHOWER GLASS – by reducing soap scum, body fat accumulation and hard water scaling, Vitroglaze will also reduce the frequency and difficulty of cleaning your screen.

BALUSTRADES & EXTERIOR WINDOWS – Due to the lack of contaminates that are usually present in a shower, we have found that the general rain is enough to wash airborne contaminants from the exterior surfaces.  If anything remains sticking to the glass, usually a soft brush or cloth is enough to remove and rinse again.  Dry with a towel for a great shine.

5 Year Warranty

Applies to applications on old glass, new tiles, ceramic and other surfaces.

Because Vitroglaze is a permanent treatment, it will last well beyond the 5 year warranty period. Our tests show that after 15 years Vitroglaze is still 82% effective.

We stand behind our coatings, and will do our best to maintain customer satisfaction and faith in our product beyond
the 5 year warranty term.

Please check with the your Vitroglaze coating applicator for Warranty Terms.

Care of your VitroglazeTM Coating

Congratulations on the purchase of the Vitroglaze treatment for your glass.

You have invested in the best and Vitroglaze will continue to protect your investment by protecting the glass from discolouration, etching, deposits and hard water scaling.

SHOWER GLASS – by reducing soap scum, body fat accumulation and hard water scaling, Vitroglaze will also reduce the frequency and difficulty of cleaning your screen. The following maintenance is recommended to maintain the pristine appearance of your shower screen:

  • At the conclusion of your shower, simply rinse down the interior surfaces with tepid water, dry yourself, dry glass with a microfibre towel or lightly squeegee off, ensuring surfaces are free of moisture.
  • During weekly cleaning, clean your shower with Vitroclean and a Chux Silver Scourer if necessary, then rinse and dry (a clean can be performed less frequently or as required)

POOL BALUSTRADES & EXTERIOR WINDOWS – Unlike shower glass, exterior surfaces require the following regime especially if near salt or chlorine pools (sprinklers or hoses for windows). Clean once a month with non-scratch pad and Vitroclean, rinse and dry. With increased use or increased ‘splash’ the regime may need to be performed more often.

Never use abrasive products to clean the glass. Vitroglaze is chemically bonded to the glass however, persistent use of abrasives will remove the surface of the glass and render the warranty void.



A claim will only be made if it is determined that the treated areas have not remained water and stain resistant, provided surfaces are properly maintained and the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The “Care of your Vitroglaze Coating” instructions (on reverse) must be adhered to for the life of the glass, once treated.
  • All claims must be made in writing. Notifications must be immediate where practicable and made within one month at the latest.
  • In the event of a proven claim we undertake to supply and apply additional Vitroglaze free of charge to ensure the continued effectiveness of the product. We expressly disclaim any liability for incidental or consequential damages arising through the use of our product.
  • In the event of a dispute regarding the cause of any damage, the dispute must be heard by a neutral third party approved by both parties. The parties shall endeavour to reach agreement on the handling of the claim on the basis of the expert opinion. Cost incurred will be paid by the party held responsible for the damage.
  • If mutual agreement cannot be reached within three months, both parties are free to take legal action.



This warranty does not apply if:

  • The product is misused or not maintained as outlined in the “Care of your Vitroglaze Coating” instructions (on reverse).
  • The product is applied to an inappropriate surface or one that has suffered excessive wear or etching.
  • The surface is exposed to unusual and or excessive environmental conditions.