Make any glass easy to clean!

Are your windows or glass roof at risk of being Salt Damaged?

If you have a shower screen, glass fence, glass roof or windows. You need Vitroglaze

How it works protection for windows

Vitroglaze is a permanent glass coating that will prevent the adhesion and build up of contaminants onto the glass surface. It also provides water and oil repellent properties. With Vitroglaze you get clear glass and long lasting protection.

Technical Properties of Vitroglaze

No macroscopial change of appearance upon accelerated 2000 h exposition (irradiation at 300 – 425 nm).
Excellent performance up to 300ºC over extended periods.
Chemical Resistance

Cleaner - Vitroclean & Chux Silver Scourer

To ensure the life of the Vitroglaze®, we recommend that you use a clean damp cloth every couple of days and give the surface a wipe over and then dry with a soft cloth. Vitroclean & Chux Silver Scourer  Click here to buy.

How it works

Cutting edge technology for
glass protection

Vitroglaze is a permanent clear coat protection treatment that prevents the adhesion and buildup of contaminants onto the glass surface. It also provides oil and water repellent properties. Working similar to non-stick cookware your glass becomes easier to clean without the need for harsh chemicals. Vitroglaze is also a great shower glass restorer.

Vitroglaze glass clear coat is the glass surface protector that works great for glass restoration as well as treatment of new glass to give you low-maintenance non-stick glass and superior glass clarity that always looks brand new.

No more scaling, scrubbing and etching with Vitroglaze coatings and treatments

clean  Makes glass easy to clean

clean  No harsh cleaning products needed

clean  No more lime scaling and etching

clean  Eco friendly glass stain prevention

clean  Maintains that ‘as New’ appearance

clean  Clean, low-maintenance glass always


Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime guarantee on NEW GLASS.

SHOWER GLASS – by reducing soap scum, body fat accumulation and hard water scaling, Vitroglaze will also reduce the frequency and difficulty of cleaning your screen.

5 Year Warranty

Applies to applications on old glass, new tiles, ceramic and
other surfaces

Because Vitroglaze is a permanent treatment, it will last well beyond
the 5 year warranty period. Our tests show that after 15 years Vitroglaze
is still 82% effective.

We stand behind our coatings, and will do our best to maintain customer
satisfaction and faith in our product beyond the 5 year warranty term.


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